For many years St George’s Church has been the focus of the local community at Wash Common and for all members of the community.  This section explains where we have come from, and what we have achieved


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Project Plan

The project was divided into five phases. The installation costs are considerable but the running costs are minimal due to the use of free on-site

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Project Costs and Funding

The £1 million project cost was too large for the congregation to fund on its own. It was decided that External Funding must provide not

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Project Management Team

The project was run by a Project Management Group (PMG) that had experience of similar projects. The PMG was divided into two teams, strategic and

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Project Inputs and Benefits

The aims of the project were to make St George’s church a usable, sustainable, community space by: Creating a welcoming and accessible building Offering a community space that is warm, comfortable and affordable

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