Project Investigation

  • Thames Valley Energy did an initial technical study into the possibility of using the Church building as the provider of new community space and concluded that a full Feasibility Study was required.
  • CarbonPlan were commissioned to do a Feasibility Study. It concluded that the new community need could be provided by the Church building and that the most cost effective way of heating the Church in the medium term was by using renewable energies.
  • The Feasibility Study had supporting work:
    • A Topographical Survey was done by Midlands Surveys
    • A GeoReport was obtained from the British Geological Survey
    • A heat loss model and calculations were made by Peter Brett Associates.
    • Architectural design was done by Acanthus Clews Architects.

The study conclusions were accepted and it was decided to generate electricity from roof mounted solar panels and to use deep boreholes to extract heat from the ground.

These energy sources are on-site, free and forever and their use, results in a carbon neutral building.

Consequently the community project has come to be known as George-Goes-Green.