Being regular visitors to site these past few weeks, my small, self-appointed, site supervisor has made friends with Sam-the-Man (as Paul nicknamed him during Phase 1) or ‘Fireman Sam’ as the site supervisor calls him now. He thinks Paul personally owns all the diggers and cranes that have been on site lately, and at breakfast most mornings asks to visit ‘Fireman Sam, Paul diggers, Peeeeeeease’. Tomorrow is Sam’s last day – someone is going to be bereft next week!

We popped by this morning and found the Dorma team hard at work fitting the last of the glass panels above the door to the church, and the tower painting was well underway. Site supervisor peered through the doors at them:

*Sad face* ‘Where Sam….? Where Paul?…’

Oh dear. Sam was at the merchants picking up some materials, and Paul is on retreat.

*Big tear* ‘No Sam…?’ *Bottom lip jutting out* ‘No Paul…?’

Thankfully the ‘crane’ (cherry picker) was still there, and I found a biscuit.

We will miss Sam. What a top bloke, he’s always found time to show Team Blog what’s going on (and also Team Blog’s children and their friends too) he’s taken pictures of the roof, or the view from the cherry picker for us when Team Blog might not have the head for heights (or the necessary insurance) to take them themselves, nothing is too much trouble – he was finding a bin bag for one of the flower arrangers yesterday. So far Phase 2 is set to finish on time – just goes to show we got the right man for the job. Sam’s other half checks the blog everyday (Hello Mel!) and we will look forward to seeing them both on the 9th for the opening ceremony.

Spot the difference…






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