New ceiling in all its glory!

It’s only Wednesday and already so much has happened this week.  The church is now completely free of scaffolding and it is now possible to admire the new ceiling in all its glory.    The team have been busy over the last couple of days with mops and dusters clearing away the worst of the mess…thank you for your efforts guys!  The newly painted ceiling highlights just how grubby the walls are but that’s a job for another day.

Outside work has started on replacing the guttering and a large cherry-picker has been on site and a small team have been busy in the sunshine.  Next week the industrial cleaners will arrive and some of the spot lights will be replaced before we can begin to move some of the furniture back in.  It seems that with the end in sight,we have (so far!) managed to avoid any disasters or set-backs and by the end of next week, the team from Stepnell’s will be moving on to their next project.  It’s not over yet but we’re getting very close now!

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