Rocky Road and roof strengthening!

With more carpenters on site work progressed well last week and all unnecessary timbers from the 1930s section of roof have now been removed.  The picture shows a progress meeting between the contractors, architects and members of the PMG whereby the strengthening work to the 1960s roof was inspected.  This week work will began on fixing the shaped formers for the curved ceiling which will be installed below the strengthened roof trusses, and an additional team of carpenters will work simultaneously on strengthening the 1930s roof trusses.  The windows have also been cleaned in preparation for installation of the secondary glazing and plans are afoot to replace some troublesome guttering so there is still lots to do before the end of April however we sincerely hope that a batch of home-made Rocky Road will help to keep everyone going!

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2 Responses to Rocky Road and roof strengthening!

  1. sam says:

    oh yes rocky road sure going down well .
    A big thank you again cameron and kim for your present i will keep the men workin hard to get this project done on time . Thank you all at st georges for such a warm working relationship and friendly welcome every day thank you wash common you make up feel so welcome from sam site manager

  2. Alan Pook says:

    Good as it will be to see this project finished, I shall miss seeing the regular blog updates and photos. Thank you Kim for keeping us all informed – and thank you to the various construction teams who have worked so hard to keep the project on schedule and give us so much to see. Well done to all who are associated with this project – so much to do, I am glad that it didn’t happen in my time as Church Warden !

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