For The (Wash) Common Good

We were back in the church on Harvest Sunday, 5th October, for our service of thanksgiving. What a fantastic turnout for the big event, here are a couple of photos showing a packed house, and our laid back vicar demonstrating the warmth of the under floor heating.

With this third phase complete, attention now turns to raising our profile as a community venue, and making sure the church is in use. We’re hoping lots of local groups will hold meetings, concerts, music practice and a host of other events and activities in St George’s. We’d love to see it become a busy and useful community hub for Wash Common and Newbury.

Fundraising is also well underway for the remaining elements of George Goes Green, the ground source heat pump and a glazed community room in the north transept. Watch this space for news about these further plans but, for now at least, its over and out.



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