Press coverage and the mystery of Arther Brown and Geoffrey Nicholson

The frantic activity of recent weeks has eased a little since the media launch on Monday.  There was an article in the Newbury Weekly News this week and we are hoping for some coverage on BBC Radio Berkshire on Sunday 27th February – tune in to Mary Green between 7am and 9am.  Berkshire Life magazine also attended the launch and were fascinated by our story and we will let you know when they are likely to publish our story and finally, the Church of England’s national environmental campaign has an announcement on their website  –

 You may recall that a white cross crudely constructed from pieces of the plaster ceiling had been discovered in the roof space a few weeks ago.  It appears to have been put in place by two individuals who worked on plastering the ceiling in 1965 and they had inscribed the cross with their names and ages; Arther Brown, 19 years and Geoffrey Nicholson, 47 years, as can be seen clearly on this photo.

On Monday, just before Paul, Lord Carey and Kuldip Singh were photographed for the official ‘switch on’ Brett from Stepnell discovered another little piece of history hidden in the roof.  Envelopes, addressed to Arther and Geoffrey along with a number of documents which appear to be payslips were discovered and we now know that these craftsmen worked for a company called Jack Randell Ltd based in Great Yarmouth.  This seems a long way for them to have travelled and we are now carrying out a little bit of investigative work to see if we can find out anything more about these gentlemen as it is possible that Arther survives and we wonder what he would make of our project?

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