129 panels in place!

What a remarkable day!  Right on schedule the Solaris team completed the installation of all 129 PV panels today and as the photos show, the roof looks fantastic.  They have worked hard and it was a delight to hear ‘Take That’ blaring from the radio this morning as they put the last few panels in place.  Final testing will be carried out tomorrow and we are all set for an official ‘switch on’ on Monday morning. 

The photos below show the inside of the church with all the ceiling removed and this demonstrates the sheer scale of the internal project.  It is is a fascinating structure which I am sure will appeal to the engineers or keen DIY-ers amongst you!  You may also recall the discovery of a white cross in the roof space a couple of weeks ago.  This has now been replaced but with the addition of the names of the Stepnell team and those involved in the ceiling work, namely Sam, Brett and Yan who have returned home for a well earned rest this weekend.

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