Fix It

This week sees the end of the work to install the underfloor heating and re-floor the church. The electricians were in doing the final fix and the plumber was checking the four remaining radiators. The floor is looking really good, and the new circular design around the chancel step looks fantastic – ‘like a sun’ said the small site inspector.



In other news, the electricians were telling us that they’ve been finding butterflies in the church. While they’ve been on site they’ve found at least 3 butterflies in the church each day, and have been catching and releasing them to the wild ie chucking them outside. Sure enough, there was one on the chancel floor. Apparently they flutter down from the clerestory windows. So where are they coming from and how are they getting in? Answers on a postcard.


And, as the decorators arrive next week, one last look at those grey walls!


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