Weekend work

More activity at church today as another lorry delivered a large load of scaffolding equipment.  DSL will be working all weekend to complete the scaffolding and the essential props and we would like to extend our thanks to team, particularly Mark and Carlton.  The photo below shows the props in place and a relieved Vicar! 

Brett of Stepnell has begun shifting the ceiling pieces that have been removed in to the skip via the red chute and wheelbarrow.  He tells me that the south side of the ceiling has now been removed and he plans to start work on the north side next week, after a brief visit home this weekend.

We have also had another visit from ‘Bat Man’ (sorry Ed, couldn’t resist!) and he has confirmed earlier reports that there is no sign of any bats and we have not disturbed any that might have been hibernating in hitherto impossible-to-see places. 

Activity around the church will increase on Monday and we are now praying for the safe arrival of the Solaris team and our beloved PV panels.  So far, so good!

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