See You Soon

Despite the grey weather, it all looked white and bright at church today… and very, very quiet.

There’ll be a lull in activity for a few days while we await the arrival of the etchers. The transept roof repairs are all but finished but the manifestations are still to be etched onto the glass panels, hence the masking tape crosses, a temporary measure to prevent anyone forgetting the glass is there and walking into it…

And we received the following message from Sam:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 6 weeks working on phase 2 and it is purely down to the fact you are all so welcoming, friendly and hospitable to us. Well I’m not packing my bag tonight (!) and although its nice to not be working away I would quite happily come back any time. I will miss all of you and I can’t wait to come back with Mel on the 9th to see you all again.


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